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Original Flipper Zero Electronic Pet Dolphin for Geek Programming Open Source Multifunctional Remote Control Widget

Original Flipper Zero Electronic Pet Dolphin for Geek Programming Open Source Multifunctional Remote Control Widget

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Purchase Agreement & Usage Terms:

  • No Returns or Exchanges: All sales are final. Please ensure you have reviewed the product details and are confident in your purchase decision.

  • Purpose & Usage: Flipper Zero is designed for tech enthusiasts and IoT professionals. It serves as an advanced tool for exploring RFID, NFC, Sub GHz, Infrared, and more. Usage of Flipper Zero must strictly adhere to legal boundaries. Illegal use is strictly prohibited.

  • Liability & Responsibility: If the device is used in a manner that violates local laws, or results in harm or property damage, the user assumes full responsibility. The seller is not liable for any misuse.

  • Product Integrity: We guarantee that our product is brand new, sealed, and in its original condition. If you encounter any issues with packaging integrity or similar concerns...



Please note that by taking the product, you agree to the following terms:

                      1. This product is sold without return or exchange; Be sure to think it out before placing an order!!!

2. Flipper Zero is an RFID multifunctional device mainly used by technology enthusiasts and IoT practitioners to learn and research technologies such as RFID, NFC, Sub Ghz, Infrared, etc. Users can only use it under legal conditions. Do not use it Illegal use;

Do not use for illegal purposes

3. Any behavior by the buyer that violates local laws and regulations or causes personal injury and property damage to others during the use of Flipper ZeroÔľĆThe user shall bear the responsibility on their own and have no relation to the seller;

4. We ensure that our product is brand new and unopened in its original form. However, if there are issues such as not being able to open the packaging after opening, we can return the product. However, the prerequisite is to provide us with all the unpacking videos to ensure that it is the problem with our product. Once opened, we will not return or replace it. Therefore, please think about placing an order and thank you for your understanding and support.

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